This course is designed to improve personnel safety at both emergency and non-emergency events.  The student will be introduced to the concepts of and the importance of maintaining good situational awareness.  The students will be shown methods to implement and utilize this tool to improve the safety of those operating at the event as well as the public

This course will review the different types of chimney construction and identify the differences of lined and unlined flues.  This course will also identify the fire spread characteristics of most common chimney types and effective fire control practices.

This Course has been approved as a four (4) hour course by the Tennessee Commission on Firefighting.

Upon the successful completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge related to biodiesel fuels, including their use, chemical and physical characteristics, transportation, and transfer.

At the end of this program the participant should: Have a basic knowledge of manufactured housing construction and standards; Know the most common causes of manufactured housing fires; Understand the unique hazards associated with manufactured housing fires; and Describe tactical approaches to fires occurring in mobile homes.
This Course has been approved as a three (3) course by the Tennessee Commission on Firefighting.