This is your department training for May 24-26

The Advanced Composite TeleCrib® Stabilization System, infused with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, is an easy to use, lightweight, collapsible support system designed for the Fire / Rescue service to assist in stabilizing highway vehicles, light aircraft, light structures, and other equipment types referenced in NFPA 1670, Chapter 6. TeleCrib® struts are designed to provide rescuers with an extremely versatile system that solves numerous stabilization problems while increasing rescuer and victim safety. TeleCrib® Struts are manufactured of an advanced Kevlar® and Epoxy Fiber matrix under extreme heat and pressure to produce an engineered strut which is lightweight, strong, and impervious to moisture and most chemicals. The Struts are electrically non-conductive to provide a layer of protection to rescuers working around power lines, energized circuits, or hybrid-electric vehicles.

One part of Cleveland Fire Departments Rope Rescue Operations class.