Access to all in-service courses for the members of their departments, with more courses added every year.

If you plan on using more than one online course as a part of your in-service program, a department page will make your training records management a breeze.

  • Assign courses
  • Track progress
  • Download and save certificates of completion
  • Customize course content or add content pertaining to your department (ie. SOP's, guidelines)
  • Offer discussion forums, real-time group discussions, group projects, and assignments
  • Track student progress and manage training and compliance activities
  • Upload and review pre-plans that can be accessed from anywhere.

Add courses to fit your department's needs.

Certificate Courses

Fire instructor 1

Fire instructor 2

Fire Officer 1

Fire Officer 2

Fire Officer 3

Pumping Apparatus Driver Operator

Aerial Apparatus Driver Operator

Fire Inspector

Incident Safety Officer

Rookie Courses

Commission approved online training

IFSTA or J& B Hazardous Materials Awareness (HMA)

IFSTA Hazardous Materials Operations (HMO)

Intro to Firefighting 16 hr

Jones and Bartlett Basic Firefighting (64 hr)

Must submit training notice in ACADIS

IFSTA Fire Fighter 1

IFSTA Fire Fighter 2

Jones and Bartlett Fire Fighter 1

Jones and Bartlett Fire Fighter 2

Fee Structure

Prices for a Department page is based on the number of personnel in your department.

1 to 50 members - $175 per year

51 to 100 members - $250 per year

101 to 175 members - $365 per year

176 to 300 members - $550 per year

301 to 500 members - $750 per year

Over 500 members - $750 plus $1 for each additional member over 500

Certificate courses - $75 per course, per year

Recruit courses - $50 per course, per year

Example: You department has 80 members and you will teach FF1, FF2, Instructor 1, Officer1 and Pump Driver Operator in house using online courses. Your total would be $575 per year for your department page.